Case Study

UK Distributor of Premium Haircare Products adopts ground breaking i2i Service from Insight to Interaction Ltd.

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Joy Ltd is the principle distributor of Moroccanoil products in the UK via independent retailers primarily within the salon sector.  Joy has grown its business rapidly over the last three years.

Maureen Hockley, Managing Director of Joy Ltd said “In the early days we knew our customers more or less personally and all we really needed from a systems perspective was an order taking and accounting system.  As the business became more and more successful it became apparent that we needed to radically improve our knowledge management to make sure that our team had the right information in the right place at the right time in order to do their jobs.”

Joy is aiming to significantly increase its revenue and margin during 2014 and this will require an increase in staff and the information systems to support that level of growth.

“At this stage of our growth it’s critical for us that we are able to identify and retain our best customers and to acquire more like them. We need to know who they are at the instant that we make contact with them whether they call our customer services team or when they are visited by our consultants. The i2i Service gives us the actionable information we need to run our business whether we’re in the office on desktop machines or on the road via our iPads which is a critical piece for us.”

Why did Joy choose Insight to Interaction and the i2i Service?

“We chose to work with Insight to Interaction because they demonstrated that they understood our business and where we wanted to go.  It’s amazing that they have been able to deliver within such a short period of time – and effectively at less than the cost of an IT resource!”


“We knew that we didn’t want to do this in house as our experience of traditional IT approaches and software providers has been that the costs and risk are front loaded on us; development takes a long time and rarely delivers what you really wanted. The flexibility and shared risk of a modern, monthly charged, cloud delivered service really appealed to us.  Ultimately we are in charge of our costs, if we don’t continue to generate value from the service we can cancel although I have to say that the i2i Service has quickly become central to what we do.”