Turn your information into knowledge to make informed decisions and anticipate customer needs. ┬áBased on decades of business experience we use the unique i2i methodology to build insights from your data. ┬áBehavioural change is critical to becoming an insight driven company – if you do what you always did you’ll get what you always got.

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What Insight can the i2i Service provide?


Customer Insight

  • Who are your best customers?
  • Benchmark performance vs industry norms
  • Instantly know when a customer is ‘at risk’ – alerts
  • Revenue Growth and direction of travel
  • Instantly access order summary and history


Consultant Insight

  • Who are your most effective representatives?
  • Benchmark performance vs industry norms
  • Territory/consultant views
  • Track customer visits


Product Insight

  • Which products or promotions are being ordered and what’s the frequency
  • Brand, product group and SKU level insight


Management Information

  • Traditional KPIs