Turn your information into knowledge to make informed decisions and anticipate customer needs.  Based on decades of business experience we use the unique i2i methodology to build insights from your data.  Behavioural change is critical to becoming an insight driven company – if you do what you always did you’ll get what you always got.

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What Insight can the i2i Service provide?


Customer Insight

  • Who are your best customers?
  • Benchmark performance vs industry norms
  • Instantly know when a customer is ‘at risk’ – alerts
  • Revenue Growth and direction of travel
  • Instantly access order summary and history


Consultant Insight

  • Who are your most effective representatives?
  • Benchmark performance vs industry norms
  • Territory/consultant views
  • Track customer visits


Product Insight

  • Which products or promotions are being ordered and what’s the frequency
  • Brand, product group and SKU level insight


Management Information

  • Traditional KPIs