Our philosophy

“Good people achieving good things in good ways”

Leslie Spears

Our philosophy is all about our beliefs and values and the individual and ‘Infinite Me…’

The great Dr. Deming said, “If you can only bring to work your best efforts, stay home in bed, we would all be better off”.

I had not read that when I met my great friend and colleague Keith Chandler or at the time I started my first business. But Keith and I had always believed in the concept of the unlimited self or as we say the “Infinite Me”. We truly believe our best possible self and our best possible results are always ahead of us.

We are passionately inspired by:


Love what you do and the people with whom you do it. That’s real success.


Today’s world needs and requires life-long learning. It is at the heartbeat of your success. I can remember vividly the night I learned the seemingly endless significance of balance. An excess of anything is harmful. That which is good for both can last forever. That which is only good for only one side of a relationship will, once there is an alternative, come to an end with the other.


The horizons of your success are only limited by your thoughts and actions – then you have no limits. Limitless growth and opportunities abound. Empower yourself with good thoughts. Think in pictures, talk in stories and, and, and take action.


Never lose or fail to appreciate the sheer thrill of achievement. Clarity; what become clear becomes near, what becomes near becomes reachable. Put your energy where it counts most. If it is not fun or meaningful why would you do it?


Live with the spirit of the artist and the winner; the next sentence, the next picture, the next song, the next race will be an improvement on the last.


We are blessed. Give back to those whom have not yet found the path. We are only the messenger.


It is nature’s greatest gift. The more we share the more we have to share. Discover the personal energy of compassion. Always remember those less fortunate than ourselves. In memory of Jules Lederer…

“If all possible objections must first be overcome nothing will ever be attempted”


“Beauty is not only the gift of nature but the nature of good and creative people.”


Leslie Spears