i2i service

The i2i Service delivers customer and business insight to those that need it at the point of interaction with customers in order to make a difference and change the result.

Such customer insight and segmentation has traditionally been available only to enterprise players via expensive data warehouse systems, data management suites and high-end data analytics software.  Effectively the SMB market has been excluded from adopting insight driven strategies due to the cost and complexity of the systems required and most particularly the up front investment needed to build the necessary infrastructure.  Even then the insight was rarely available at the point of interaction where it could be used to make a difference, tending to only be available as hindsight due to the difficulty in implementing mobile business intelligence.

So what changed?  To cut a long story short a combination of technology trends have combined to enable us to offer services to the SMB market at an affordable price.

  • Internet/broadband speeds
  • Cloud computing
  • Bring your own device (BYOD) – tablets, smartphones etc
  • 3G/4G wireless bandwidth
  • Software licencing – move from annually paid perpetual to monthly subscription based

Combining these technologies with our i2i customer segmentation methodology and years of experience within the enterprise sector has enabled us to build a unique offering.