What is the i2i Service

The i2i Service unlocks data from your back office systems and makes knowledge available to your team in a way that they can use it to increase your revenue and grow your margin.

  • The i2i service takes your data from your administration and accounting systems and stores it securely in an off site database.
  • This database is updated daily with updates from your systems.
  • Data is turned into information and actionable knowledge about your customers and services.
  • You access your data via the internet using the browser (eg. Safari/Internet Explorer) on your desktop or tablet computer.
  • Information/knowledge is displayed using visual ‘dashboards’
  • You can collect additional data from your team or customers via an electronic feedback form on tablet computers.
  • You can feed data collected from the electronic form back into your i2i database to provide new knowledge about your customers.
  • You can easily monitor the progress of your business using financial key performance indicators.
  • You can evaluate the effectiveness of your team(s) using comparative performance indicators and industry benchmarks.